Corys Packaging is a strong believer in conservation for the sake of the future of our people, the planet, and the generations beyond. We are committed to continuously innovate and change the way we operate to reduce the environmental footprint.

We also recognize that this is a continuous improvement mission, and that we will strive to explore new technologies and ways to live up to our sustainability commitment. Some of the key steps that Corys Packaging have taken so far are;

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases and emissions: We have deployed solar power to replace fossil-fuel source electricity. So far about 10% of our electricity consumption is from solar power, and the plan to reach to 20% by end of 2019.
  • Innovation in our product offering to reduce the gauge and weight of packaging for our customers. Corys Packaging have successfully developed a film branded UHQ-films that offer same or improved mechanical and functional characteristics compared to traditional structures at up to 25% less weight and gauge.
  • Developed formulations with use of recycle plastics that reduces the consumption of virgin polymers.
  • In Office: moving towards paperless organization. In 2018, Corys Packaging managed to reduce by 75% the amount of paper and printing inks used within Corys Packaging compared to what was used in 2015.