Our Commitment

Sustainability Products


Corys design packaging in a way that allows the packs to be collected, sorted and recycled at the facilities available locally.

Choice of MaterialsStructureApplications
Blown PE – 3 to 9 layers (including EVOH)PE/PE laminateDetergent
MDO PE Metallised MDO PEMDO PE/PE laminate MDO PE/Barrier PE laminateRice, Atta & Pulses
Metallised MDO PEMDO PE/ Metallized MDO PE laminateMilk Powder
Barrier MDO PEPE shrink film: with PCR and PIR resinsConfectionary
PCR resinsPE filmCollation Shrink PE
PIR resinsThermoformableDates Packaging
Thermoforming PEPE/Peelable PEMeat & Poultry
Peelable PEBags & pouches
Choice of MaterialsStructureApplications
BOPPBOPP/BOPP laminateBiscuits
Metallized BOPPBOPP/Metallized BOPP
Pearlized/White BOPPBOPP/CPP laminateChocolates
CPPBOPP/Metallized CPP
Metallized CPPBOPP/High barrier CPPChips
PolyethyleneBOPP/Met BOPP/CPPCoffee
PCR based PPBOPP/Met BOPP/PEBread bags
PIR based PPBOPP/Pearlized BOPP
CPP film
Flow wraps

Recycled Content

Corys designs packaging structures using recycled content – material that has served its purpose of intended use, used by consumers, and then recycled to produce new material (PCR)

Reduction of Material (Down Gauging)

Corys helps optimizing usage of virgin material in the packaging and designs it to meet required properties for its intended use – multi layer to mono-layer and down gauging mono layer further to reduce material consumption to make it lightweight.


Corys designs packaging based on resins that are compostable either in home composting environment or industrial composting environment. Corys has also design water soluble (cold and hot water) packaging for some of applications.

Choice of MaterialsStructureApplications
Compostable PE filmPE/PEShopping/Carrier bags
Bio polymer-based PE filmPrinted PEGarbage bags
(Home & industrial
composting solutions)
Perforated PE/PE laminateMailer bags
Food/non-food contact
Pharmacy bags
Fruit & Vegetable bags & pouches
Tissue packaging
Seedling bags