Corys Packaging

Corys Packaging is an integrated packaging solution provider and a market leader in the packaging industry. Part of Green Coast Enterprises, a private group owned by Abdul Ghaffar Hussain family. The company was established in 1976 with unique heritage that shapes the way Corys Packaging conducts its business today. Corys Packaging is the holding company for Emirates Technopack LLC, Kangaroo Plastics LLC, Corys Geosynthetics and entity in KSA and Hungary with operation in Dubai and Riyadh servicing the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe market.

Our Industries

Our vast selection of products and innovative packaging solutions make a meaningful difference in the daily lives of consumers.

Confectionary, Beverage, Chocolate, Snack, Biscuits, Cereals, Frozen Food, Noodles and Pasta.

Corys Packafing specializes in producing bulk packaging films for Glass, Cement, Ceramics, Airline cargo and Pallet covers.

Underground Cable protection tile, Evaporation films, Detectable and Non-detectable warning tapes, Geomembrane films, DI sleeves.


We, at Corys Packaging ensure compliance with latest safety standards to help consumers receive products in the safest way.
Corys Packaging has taken initiative in the region to comply with sustainable standard like ISCC Plus & GRS.