CPP Laminates

CPP Laminates


We manufacture a wide range of CPP Laminates which are ideal for instant food and confectionary products.

·   OPP/CPP: Very good moisture barrier, oil resistance, high transparency and stiffness

·  OPP/MPET/CPP: Excellent moisture barrier and high oxygen and light barrier

·   OPP/PET/CPP: High moisture and oxygen barrier

·   MATOPP/CPP: Very good moisture barrier, moderate oxygen barrier

·   MATOPP/MCPP: Good oil, moisture, oxygen and light barrier

·  PET/CPP: Good moisture barrier, medium oxygen and aroma barrier, high temperature end-use

·   Instant noodles, pasta

·   Biscuits

·   Rice derived products

·   Deep fried products

·   Soup

·   Tea

·   Frozen food

·   Spices

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