BOPP Laminates

BOPP Laminates


Emirates Technopack offers BOPP Laminates that have aesthetic appearance. These products are ideal for packaging biscuits, snacks, bottle labels, rice, tea, to name a few. 

·   OPP/MOPP: Excellent moisture and light barrier

·   OPP/LLDPE: Good moisture barrier, high seal strength at low sealing temperature

·   OPP/POPP: Good moisture and light barrier

·   OPP/MPET/LLDPE: Excellent moisture and light barrier, good low temperature resistance

·   OPP: High moisture resistance and good seal ability

·   MOPP: Excellent moisture barrier and good oxygen barrier

·   POPP: Good moisture and light barrier, good seal ability

·   MATOPP/LLDPE: Low temperature resistance

The BOPP laminates we manufacture can be used in the following applications:

·  Biscuit

·   Chocolate 

·   Confectionery 

·   Snacks 

·   Instant noodles 

·   Frozen food 

·   Powdered products 

·   Detergent powder 

·   Deep fried products 

·   Tea 

·   Bottle labels

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